Sunday, 21 July 2013

Winter Glee...............

Thought I'd introduce the newest member to our Property , the not to shy Scarlet Robin!
He has been seen here and there over the last couple of weeks and then unexpectedly decided to keep me company for over 2 hours while I weeded the plot.
As I finished weeding each section and then moved onto the next he would quickly dash down to the soil and within a second pick what caught his eye and then retreat to the wire fence.
I'm hoping the many small shrubs, ground covers, grasses and wattles I have planted over the last year will provide protection and food and encourage the many small birds which are visiting the garden to come back and even nest close by......................

The last few days have brought lovely steady rain enough to fill our dams and water tanks till overflowing..............Saturdays temperature was a high of 5C  and with more rain fore-casted I headed off to Town to do a few chores, I must admit I did feel a bit guilty driving off and leaving the dogs on the veranda but I did give them a bone each !!

First up I stopped at my favourite cafe for coffee and was lucky to grab the best seat (well I think it is) as I sat waiting for my coffee I noticed the rain starting to turn to sleet and then to wonderful large flakes of snow...................


     Shopping done, visit to the Library and then home to spend the afternoon in front of the fire.                                                                          
                                                           A Perfect Winter's Day.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Salad Days in Winter ......

Our first month of Winter brought some early rain (about 5omls) and lots of dry sunny days with tempertures  of around 16C and of course that means cold frosty mornings the lowest being about -3 C.
Perfect growing conditions it seems for young lettuce seedlings................

Growing at present are Red & Green Oak Leaf and lots and lots of tiny Freckles seedlings, the seeds of which I harvested at the end of Summer from summer plantings grown from seed sent from LIZ 

When these little beauties are a tad bigger they will be transplanted into the main garden bed and some given away to neighbors to try.
Thanks again Liz your love of gardening is spreading.....................

Other salad greens include young spinach leaves, red and green cos lettuce , parsley  and garlic tops.
We have been enjoying our salad in our weekly lamb wraps and sandwiches .
Yesterday I planted out another batch of spinach seedlings, broccoli, mini cabbages, Italian parsley and a set of brown onions .
This weeks job in the plot will be to erect the portable frost covers.
Joining in with VG and her 52 week challenge !!