Sunday, 31 July 2011

Building a Cold Frame.

Today started out sunny and proved to be the perfect day for building my Cold Frame.

A Cold Frame is usually made of timber with a lid of glass and is used to help seeds germinate when it is still cold outside and a little warmth and protection is needed.

I found an old window and also some off cuts of timber in our shed. The window is about 60cm x 65 cm, not to big so i can move the cold frame around the garden as needed without straining my back.
I measured the timber to size and used a power drill to put together(12 screws), I then placed the window on top of the frame and used two hinges to attach it.

On the inside of the frame I screwed a piece of timber to use as a prop when the lid is up.

Next i used some silicon around the glass panes to keep them secure.

A light sand and then 2 coats of paint on the window frame and it was ready to be used.

Thanks to Phoebe for the link to these fantastic Italian seeds, great value, you get heaps of seeds in a larger than normal foil pack which  makes it easier to use and store.

So i planted lettuce, dill and onions.

The important thing to remember , on a sunny day the lid needs to be lifted or the emerging seedlings will get burnt and then in the late afternoon lid needs to be closed.

While I was waiting for the paint to dry i sanded my garage sale "find" with a great little electric power tool called a mouse.

Now while i was busy Bob was working on his new project!    

Restoring an old stone building, was probably used to store milk, butter and meat many many years ago!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!!      Ciao!! 4 weeks to go!!!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Winter Blues.

I am wishing for some SUN, now I do love love Winter for all the many many reasons posted by all (which I love to read) but sometimes I can't help to feel a little blue. I gave myself a good talking to(am I revealing too much?)made myself a cup of tea(a relaxing herbal one) and looked through my favorite gardening book!
I leafed through Elements of Design, Making a Willow Arch, Seats and arbors, Topiary,Living edges,Special Effects,Textured Effects,Inter cropping,Tunnels and Walkways,until at the end of the book I found Raising Good Quality Plants.

That's it!!! I'm going to build an old fashioned cold frame to raise my new seedlings in.
Now the only thing is its 7am in the morning still, a little dark to be rummaging in the sheds for old windows but I'm feeling much better and hope to post you all a photo of my creation soon.........

For more Winter Warming Thoughts, Ideas and Joy head over to

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Container Growing

With only 5 weeks until my trip i have been heading out early(when not raining) every second morning to hit a few hills before breakfast.

Crispy Cold but beautiful Views! 

Around every corner there is a little bit of history waiting to be discovered.

These stones walls are over one hundred years old and were built by the early settlers first drawn to the Victorian Goldfields looking to find their riches!

An old footbridge, water level reached handrail in last years flood!

                                                  This old beauty resting under gum trees.

Work in the Veggie gardens has been a little slow as have been sooo busy at work, I did have time to add compost to my bath tubs part of a temporary veggie garden.
The bath tub in the background was used last season for potatoes so in this i shall plant some spring seedlings ,beans maybe to climb up the wire fence behind.
The other bathtub will be for this seasons potatoes.

 I hate to admit this but sprayed oxalis after spending the last 6 years trying to rid it by hand weeding.

Also running out of compost bins/areas so i made a couple out of chicken wire and placed them around the garden so when I'm weeding i just throw them in, at a later stage i can add grass clippings, manure etc.
Travelling home from work yesterday I dropped into a garage sale, i picked up a old handmade wooden ironing board! can't wait to sand it down and stain it! maybe will use it as a sideboard or plant-stand.

Love to hear of your favorite "finds"

Thursday, 14 July 2011

On my Mind

                  This morning  I washed a few of my favorite aprons collected over the years
                                      and I got wondering about who made them?

                                         Did the women make them for themselves or gifts?

                                                   Where did these women live?

                                                             Were they Happy?

             Who taught  them to Sew, Mother,Grandmother,Aunt, Sister, School teacher or friend?

Go to Link
and join  in and leave a comment . X X X

Monday, 11 July 2011

Living in the moment

Sometimes I can be so busy at work and home(just like everyone else) that I find I'm not really enjoying the moment or not really listening to whats somebodys saying. Not a very good trait I have to agree,  so the last couple of weeks about the same time my long walks began Ive been trying really hard to slow down and relax and just enjoy the moment!

Choosing wool to knit with.

Earthy colors of the Aussie landscape.

                                                                 Weeding the veggies

                        More knitting, not to be worn when pruning roses!! but great on morning walks.

                        Watching a cheeky cockatoo picking out the seeds from some bread.

How fantastic are these! made by my good friend Dunja maybe will need to do a post on just her ceramics,she's so clever also has built her own amazing straw bale home.
I brought these 2 little ones home and put them straight in the garden.

                                                Making and eating Green Veggie Soup, Slowly!

Leek, celery,broccoli,spinach,silver beet,parsley,garlic and zucchini topped with basil pesto and feta cheese.       Tasted good.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Wonder of Rain


Rain fell steadily all night and continued as I rose, deep grey sky's but plenty of bird song, gums trees glistening and everywhere a different shade of green to be seen.
Ah Rain !!! It brings us so much promise, a light shower that can help young seedlings along and settle the dust and constant steady rain which provides a wonderful deep soak for the subsoil and fills our water tanks.
Then of course the heavy damaging rain which is usually accompanied by wind which can strip fruit trees bare and flatten garden beds.
Last year we had a huge Gum Tree fall (through too much rain) across garden beds crushing everything in its path but just missing the kitchen garden !

Laying in bed listening to the rain I was feeling a little smug that I got all my gardening jobs completed during the week and I could head out on my weekly trek.
Pruned Roses.
Lifted  & divided  and replanted miniature iris.
Removed old lavender bushes and replanted  garden bed.
More weeding.
Fed veggie seedlings with worm juice.
Cleaned out chicken coup & feed Chickens Garlic Mash.
And collected two wheelbarrows of rocks for the stonewall!!!

Mmm, the phone rang and all my plans went out the window!!! Oh well not to worry I can always walk tomorrow.
I walked out the door headed to my car, flat tyre !!! Didn't feel so smug !!

Thank goodness for the Slowcooker! a quick rummage in the cupboard & fridge and presto
Red lentil & Veg soup on the go!
 Home grown ingredients, garlic,onion,thyme,oregano,parsley and a bayleaf.!

Soup done, Tyre Changed, Wet clothes in the wash and off to work !!

8 WEEKS TO TUSCANY!!!!!!!!     Come Rain or Shine!!!!