Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Winter Blues.

I am wishing for some SUN, now I do love love Winter for all the many many reasons posted by all (which I love to read) but sometimes I can't help to feel a little blue. I gave myself a good talking to(am I revealing too much?)made myself a cup of tea(a relaxing herbal one) and looked through my favorite gardening book!
I leafed through Elements of Design, Making a Willow Arch, Seats and arbors, Topiary,Living edges,Special Effects,Textured Effects,Inter cropping,Tunnels and Walkways,until at the end of the book I found Raising Good Quality Plants.

That's it!!! I'm going to build an old fashioned cold frame to raise my new seedlings in.
Now the only thing is its 7am in the morning still, a little dark to be rummaging in the sheds for old windows but I'm feeling much better and hope to post you all a photo of my creation soon.........

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  1. The cold tends to get a bit too much by the end of July doesn't it! I like the idea of a cold frame made out of old windows! I fashioned one of sorts with builders plastic and irrigation hosing I had around the yard. It has certainly made a difference to the broccoli!

    Good luck with your plans!

  2. The nights are freezing here with frosts on most mornings. The days however are beautiful with brilliant blue skies and I hope it stays that way for a while.

    Good luck with your cold frame, sounds like a great idea! I hope you have success and do a post about it.

  3. I just heard that here in Melbourne we've had only an average of 3.5 hours of sunshine a day this winter. No wonder we're feeling a little blue here. I've also been getting inspiration from books when it's too gloomy outside.

    I do have a confession to make though - I don't know what a cold frame is. But I'm sure looking forward to finding out and seeing your creation.

  4. Have fun! I'm planning on doing the same in a few months once we've taken the old windows out of our house, I'll reuse one of them for it (I lie, I mean I'll get my boy to make it for me!)

  5. I understand the urge to plant and the need to see sunshine. Have fun, and I hope the sun shines tomorrow.

  6. I am curious to see your cold frame, but this post reminded me of what I went through during the cold and dark season. Having a cold frame and something growing in there will certainly cheer you up as mine does for me!

  7. Hey Andrea, I know how you feel. I looooove Winter, but these Sunny days have me wishing Spring was showing itself...........most unlike me.

    We've had a heavy frost here but the sun is shining, so a beautiful day is on the way and Spring is hiding just around the corner.

    Saw a magpie witha beak full of door mat fibre, so their thoughts are turning to Spring and nesting as well.

    Enjoy your day,

    Claire :}

  8. Thank you all for dropping in to visit! Sure cheered me up and we had a beautiful sunny day!!
    Now my beautiful husband has taken me to Lorne for a couple of days,so lots of walks along the beach and no cooking!!!


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