Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Winter Wildflowers

As Winter comes to a close I would love to share with you some of the beautiful Australian wildflowers growing along many of the country lanes I have been walking on.
Much of the bushland has been cleared many years ago for crops and stock but along the roadsides many flowers and shrubs can be found.

A BIG thank you Hazel for hosting Winter Wednesdays and sharing with us all, the time and effort put into your posts is fantastic and enjoyed by so many!!!
I have loved reading as many new blogs as possible and following the many joys, comforts, crafts, recipes , thoughts, gardening tips and the odd whinge that Winter brings.
Best of all Winter has just gone sooo fast and I'm now off on my trip,(4 more sleeps) bags packed, feeling fit , excited, nervous (first ever trip overseas) and ready for a challenge and whatever comes my way...........


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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Seedlings on the GO!!!

On a previous post i showed how i made a cold frame and thought you all may like to see how surprisingly successful it has proved to be.
I think the main reason for the success is the constant temperature the frame provides and the fact no slugs etc can get to any of the emerging sweet tasting seedlings.  

The above photo shows the emerging dill on left hand row Lettuce middle and onions on right.
The seeds were planted on the 31/7 so their now 3 weeks old and the lettuce are ready for transplanting.
Percentage of seeds that have germinated is very high.

The photo below shows where i planted lettuce seeds at the same time but not protected and only 3 seeds germinated.(hardly can be seen)

So yes I'm very, very happy with the cold frame that I've started building another one.

Different types of rabbit guards were also quickly thrown together with what i could find in the shed, chicken wire , shade cloth and poly plastic (off cuts from poly house) and stapled together to make guards. These seem to be doing their job so far!!

This was a healthy Kale Plant, stripped bare!

New Cabbage seedlings

Little wire tunnels with shade cloth on top to hide seedlings from rabbits,seems to work!!

And a little bit of wire art just for fun!!! thats a little cabbage seedling hiding under my new chook!!

Hope you all had a great weekend !!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Winter Getaway.

Time goes slow when your waiting for something, (like the end of winter) especially if you feel the cold. The great thing about Winter is it forces us to slow and rest our bodies, yes its ok to lounge around and read by the fire BUT I get a little restless after awhile and want to do something or I need a change of scenery.

My dear husband knows me so well (to well) and planned a short Getaway to one of our favorite destinations along the coast.
Lorne is a little seaside village on The Great Ocean Road in Victoria and only about a 2 ½ hour drive from our home.

The coastal road was built at the end of the 1st world war to provide jobs for return serviceman and as a remembrance to those who didn't return.

Amazing Views

Stunning Walks

Fresh Sea Air

 Fish & Chips

     A Little Sunshine

Book shop

Op Shop


And  great company! My husband really does make Winter nice and cosy, we always have a store of firewood stacked close to the back door, he gets up first thing in the morning and gets the house warm.
Always quick to put the kettle on for a pot of tea.
He has just brought himself a Pizza Oven so Sunday nights are now his cooking night !!! and that's the best ever Winter Warming present any woman could ask for!!!!!!!!

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Who said Winter was nearly over, its cold,windy and pouring rain!!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day


Our Garden is in Central Victoria, Australia we can have temps of -8C and highs of 40C  , heavy frosts and rely on rainwater.

Our winters are mild compared to other areas with sunny days between 12C - 16C but cold nights down to -2C.

At the end of Winter here's whats blooming in our Garden.

                                                              Little Rock Cyclamen


                                                                    Mini daffodils

                                                                      Red Hot Pokers

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Im Eggcited!!!

My First Egg after Operation Musli.

Now i do understand its Winter, Cold  and sometimes raining but chooks have nothing else to do all day so why not lay an egg or two?

So i raked out their Shed, layed lovely fresh smelling hay from the hayshed, made 2 new roosting boxes and another perch just for fun and they still just looked at me.............

A friend gave me a whole heap of out dated Farmhouse Musli in lovely little paper bags with a farm printed on the front, each morning i put a bag out for the chooks breaky.......

Yes Thankyou we prefer Musli.

So this morning im going to enjoy one of my favorite Winter Breakfasts.
Scrambled eggs with spinach(just picked)
Tea, toast and my grapefruit & ginger marmalade!!

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