Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Life on the Farm....................

The last couple of months have passed in a blur as my wonderful husband injured his back, weeks of laying on the floor and then finally in hospital for an operation. Of course that same week we had settlement of our old farmhouse and there was so much to do!!!!
4 weeks later and Bob is well on the way to recovery, although he must spend the first 6 weeks resting mostly on his back walking is encouraged and most days he heads out with the dogs for his exercise, its been a challenge for him to do nothing during the day but watch the TV or me working around the house and garden but he has remained positive and planning a holiday for next year.
I think the hardest step is just around the corner as his not allowed to do any work of any kind,  for another 4 months !!!
Our little cottage that Bob has spent the last 2 years renovating is proving to be quite a haven for us and the perfect place to take life that little bit slower.(well some time soon I hope)
Lots of rain over the last couple of months has resulted in  plenty of new growth in the young garden beds and lots of birds visiting daily.
I'm amazed that even with neglect the veggie plot is still producing enough produce to add to most meals, spinach,spring onions,kale,parsley,coriander,dill and lots of self sown lettuce popping up everywhere.
Our two little hens present 2 eggs a day so there always a quick easy meal to be had, french toast seems to be a favorite at the moment.
 Last week I planted out seeds into the cold frame and already I have little green leaves
emerging, the other beds have been weeded, dug over and had some manure added and will be ready for new seedlings in a week or two.
Love to add a few more photos but somethings not working properly.......till next time..
hope your all enjoying the change in seasons and hope to drop by and visit soon.  Ciao.XX