Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas !!!Real Men Can Decorate!!

I've been doing a little hand -sewing each night for new decorations for my Festive Fallen Branch Table Piece inspired by Veggiegobbler and hubby did comment a few times about having a REAL tree.

So imagine my surprise when i drove in the driveway!! it did bring a big smile, and he even thought of presents too!!!

So this morning i finished the last of my Christmas hearts..................

I had dreams of setting up a long table in the garden of our Farmhouse, white table cloth, flowers, and bunting in the trees but with temperatures predicted in the high 30's we will be inside far away from the blowflys which is so typical of Xmas in Country Australia.

We are spending 2 days with our family in our Farmhouse before our first guests arrive for the Summer Holidays and then where back into the Caravan and the Reno!!!

I will be busy working over  Xmas and the holiday period so am taking a rest from blogging and hope to catch up with you all in the New Year!!
I wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful time with your families. May your days be filled with Laughter, Joy, and Happiness !!!

Go easy on the plum pudding !!!!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Where I blog and the Reno!

While i was in Italy my very talented husband started to rebuild a wee small cottage.
 Walls, windows and doors were ripped out.
Progress is happening BUT it is a bit slow so.......
Our kitchen is on the veranda and that's where i Blog with a very nice view although at times a bit cold and windy!

The other end of the veranda is the temporary kitchen, note bucket under the sink. About a month ago we had a big storm and the whole Kitchen blew off the veranda (neighbours had a chuckle) and hubby just gathered it all up and rebuilt it again while i combed around the grass for lost forks and coffee cups.

                                       Well i may as well show you where we sleep too!

                                                 Part of the new decking hubby is building

And a huge pile of rocks which were dug out when putting in new pipes which will become part of the new native garden which is my job. (we have his and her jobs)

The area i have to create the new garden is huge (1acre) and i must say i am feeling a little overwhelmed. There is exsisting stands of gum trees for some shade and also native grasses including wallaby grass.
I think the best thing will be to divide the area into sections and only work on one at a time. I'm also looking at lots of books and gardens for inspiration, Phoebe recently posted a beautiful  garden which is certainly inspirational and a work of love.

Maybe a visit to some open gardens may help too with ideas....................

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Friday, 9 December 2011

Seed collecting and a BIG surprise!!!

 While watering the Veggie garden this morning i noticed just how many different vegetables are either flowering, nearly flowering or just about finished flowering and ready for the seed to be collected.

I try to leave one healthy plant from each variety to go to seed, when ready collect seed and put in paper bags or envelopes, label and use when needed.

I hope to collect the following over the next week or two.

Dwarf Green Kale,    Red and Yellow Chard, Chives, Lettuce and Spinach.

Some of the flowers are really quite pretty like the Carrot.


                                               I love the little caps on the elephant garlic

We also had a little surprise this afternoon, we are goat sitting for our neighbours and while hubby was busy mowing the grass he heard Harriet call out (not her usual call) and yes she needed a little help.

 I was busy at work when Bob called and said we had a "baby" so i missed all the excitement !
Little female kid all cleaned up and feeding!! Can't wait for our friends to arrive home and find her.

Anyone else had a surprise today?



Thursday, 8 December 2011

Festive Fallen Branch Friday

How did Christmas arrive so quickly?
 It only seems like the other day we were all counting down the days to spring and now its summer, 2 hot days in a row and all my young lettuce seedlings are looking extremely sad.
The beans , zucchini and tomatoes are OK , carrots starting to go to seed and potatoes wilting..........
Much to hot to be outside 35C yesturday so a little more work done on my Festive branch, using only what i have in store (packed in numerous boxes)............and i do have quite a bit......

                                                         Found a whole roll of hessian

Oh how i love the special gifts my children made at kinda and primary school, this little book made by my eldest daughter Kaleigh when she was about 7 years old, shes now 24!
Looks at home nestled beside the Festive Branch.   Won't she get a surprise!

I can't believe all the things I'm finding that id forgotten about in my shed while I'm supposed to be hunting for Xmas stuff....................Like boxes of photos.

 Who likes a good laugh??? not to sure whether to show this photo or not ........... my family looks a little strange, guess which ones me ? I'm thinking this was taken about 35 Christmas 's

Now i have mentioned before how i can get side tracked and what with finding unfinished quilts, boxes of photos and the odd book or two hours can pass by so not much did get done on my Festive Branch but i did find some material to hand-stich some little decorations for the branch and maybe some extras to send off with my Xmas cards. (yep I'm a little late in that department too)


                                       Hey those ribbons maybe festive but their too tight!!!

                                                    Guess who?      Yep
Now if you have reached this far and not wandered off onto another more interesting blog head over to see more Festive Cheer with Veggiggobbler!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend !!!


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Weekend Harvest.

Early this year and a little smaller than usual but lovely and tasty.

Plenty to bottle as well,  cherry's washed and packed tightly into jars , Hot syrup added, lids on and   then placed standing into large saucepan  of cold water, bring to boil then keep on boil for 25mins.
Remove from pan and cool.

                                               First attempt at bottling and all went well!!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Festive Fallen Branch Friday !!

Who couldn't resist joining the excitable V.G and her Xmas spirit!!

Although i love having a fresh pine tree in the home and decorating it with all my favorite bits and pieces I am having the extended family over for Xmas dinner and a table deco is needed so.........

I went for a walk around the garden and came up with these gum tree branches some with little gum nuts i can paint.

Then it was off to the big shed where all my crafty things are stored for some scraps of material.....

.............. OH now i do have a problem V.G!! while rummaging around i found quite a few unfinished projects that i just had to get out of their boxes, maybe more Xmas pressys???


Will be a busy weekend decorating trees, sewing, weeding.........

Hope you all have a great weekend and find some time to drop byVG and some Xmas cheer!!!

Wondering , would anyone like to join a material swap??