Friday, 9 December 2011

Seed collecting and a BIG surprise!!!

 While watering the Veggie garden this morning i noticed just how many different vegetables are either flowering, nearly flowering or just about finished flowering and ready for the seed to be collected.

I try to leave one healthy plant from each variety to go to seed, when ready collect seed and put in paper bags or envelopes, label and use when needed.

I hope to collect the following over the next week or two.

Dwarf Green Kale,    Red and Yellow Chard, Chives, Lettuce and Spinach.

Some of the flowers are really quite pretty like the Carrot.


                                               I love the little caps on the elephant garlic

We also had a little surprise this afternoon, we are goat sitting for our neighbours and while hubby was busy mowing the grass he heard Harriet call out (not her usual call) and yes she needed a little help.

 I was busy at work when Bob called and said we had a "baby" so i missed all the excitement !
Little female kid all cleaned up and feeding!! Can't wait for our friends to arrive home and find her.

Anyone else had a surprise today?



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  1. What a great surprise! Our neighbour's goat had a kid a few weeks ago too.


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