Thursday, 1 December 2011

Festive Fallen Branch Friday !!

Who couldn't resist joining the excitable V.G and her Xmas spirit!!

Although i love having a fresh pine tree in the home and decorating it with all my favorite bits and pieces I am having the extended family over for Xmas dinner and a table deco is needed so.........

I went for a walk around the garden and came up with these gum tree branches some with little gum nuts i can paint.

Then it was off to the big shed where all my crafty things are stored for some scraps of material.....

.............. OH now i do have a problem V.G!! while rummaging around i found quite a few unfinished projects that i just had to get out of their boxes, maybe more Xmas pressys???


Will be a busy weekend decorating trees, sewing, weeding.........

Hope you all have a great weekend and find some time to drop byVG and some Xmas cheer!!!

Wondering , would anyone like to join a material swap??



  1. I would have said yes to the swap, but I don't have any to share. maybe oneday, when I get my crafty head on.

  2. I think your tree is going to look very pretty decorated and sitting at the Christmas table. Have fun on the weekend, sounds like a good type of busy you're going to have.

  3. Noice! I like the fallen branch theme going on here :)

  4. Oh I saw some great little hand made christmas balls over at Tanya's from Ivy Nest using scraps of material. I thought it looked simple enough that even I could make them, though I don't have any scrap material.... or the balls..... or perhaps the time, but we'll see.

  5. Mrs Good,now i do have lots of material scraps and you would make my Xmas if you would agree to take some....

    Anyone else... i have lots, great for kids projects.


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