Thursday, 8 December 2011

Festive Fallen Branch Friday

How did Christmas arrive so quickly?
 It only seems like the other day we were all counting down the days to spring and now its summer, 2 hot days in a row and all my young lettuce seedlings are looking extremely sad.
The beans , zucchini and tomatoes are OK , carrots starting to go to seed and potatoes wilting..........
Much to hot to be outside 35C yesturday so a little more work done on my Festive branch, using only what i have in store (packed in numerous boxes)............and i do have quite a bit......

                                                         Found a whole roll of hessian

Oh how i love the special gifts my children made at kinda and primary school, this little book made by my eldest daughter Kaleigh when she was about 7 years old, shes now 24!
Looks at home nestled beside the Festive Branch.   Won't she get a surprise!

I can't believe all the things I'm finding that id forgotten about in my shed while I'm supposed to be hunting for Xmas stuff....................Like boxes of photos.

 Who likes a good laugh??? not to sure whether to show this photo or not ........... my family looks a little strange, guess which ones me ? I'm thinking this was taken about 35 Christmas 's

Now i have mentioned before how i can get side tracked and what with finding unfinished quilts, boxes of photos and the odd book or two hours can pass by so not much did get done on my Festive Branch but i did find some material to hand-stich some little decorations for the branch and maybe some extras to send off with my Xmas cards. (yep I'm a little late in that department too)


                                       Hey those ribbons maybe festive but their too tight!!!

                                                    Guess who?      Yep
Now if you have reached this far and not wandered off onto another more interesting blog head over to see more Festive Cheer with Veggiggobbler!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend !!!


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