Walk in the Garden

When we purchased our property about fourteen years ago there was no garden as such just a few bushes and weeds around the front door of the cottage but luckily quite a few old walnut, apple and pear trees.
As we were living in Melbourne at the time work on the "garden" was our weekend project over many years. There was a lot of soil to dig out and move as the garden is on a slope so there were steps and walls to build as well, this is where our crew(5 children) were very helpful carting all the rocks that I needed to build with.
Our soil is beautiful red volcanic soil and most things grow really well, although the ten year drought (which finished in 2010) proved a challenge in garden survival.
Our Winters can be cold ,lowest temp -8C and Summers are extremely hot with Highs of 45C.
All plants and trees have to be very hardy to survive by themselves as I only ever water whats growing in the Kitchen Garden.
The Garden and Kitchen Garden have been designed as a rambling country garden to complement the old stone farmhouse, I think I have achieved this feeling as most people that visit think its always been there.

Pathways and sitting areas are all gravel to save water and time mowing, the little building in this photo is the original wattle and daub hut that was used as a stable for the Clydesdale horses.

One of my favorite trees Gleditsia triacanthos 'Sunburst'

Late afternoon Sun

Gateway to Kitchen Garden

Behind the Birdhouse is my only little square of lawn beside vegetable beds, a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea when working in the garden.

The Kitchen Garden has permanent beds around the fence line these hold fruit trees , rhubarb,asparagus and
flowers, lots of wallflowers and achillea and rosemary.
Gravel paths surround six large raised beds for rotating crops.

Another favorite tree, more rosemary and soon to be finished stone wall (years goal).