Sunday, 4 December 2011

Weekend Harvest.

Early this year and a little smaller than usual but lovely and tasty.

Plenty to bottle as well,  cherry's washed and packed tightly into jars , Hot syrup added, lids on and   then placed standing into large saucepan  of cold water, bring to boil then keep on boil for 25mins.
Remove from pan and cool.

                                               First attempt at bottling and all went well!!!


  1. yummmmmmm! I have serious cherry envy. We're going to have about 10 this year. Black aphids have been a huge pest.

  2. Congrats at the first attempt, they look delish...........

    A little burst of Summer in the middle of Winter.

    They will look lovely sitting on the pantry shelf waiting to be used.
    I'm just about to bottle up my third batch of berry jam and still they keep on fruiting........

    Claire :}

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  4. I would love a cherry tree! Fantastic.
    Andrea I'm such a duffer... I've been wondering why I couldn't see your Christmas tree link on my blog all week. And I finally realised that it's because I hadn't filled out the linkylink thingo properly. So i just fixed it but now it's showing this post instead of your tree post. And I can't figure out if there's a way to fix that. Sorry. I'll see what I can do about it tomorrow.

  5. Hi Kirsty, Agh those pesky aphids it seems every year something enters the garden to annoy/destroy hope they don't travel to any of your other trees.

    Hi Claire, i do like the look of the jars on the shelf, you sound berry busy 3 batches of jam....
    Mmmm toast and tea!

    Hi Veggiegobbler, Cherry tree quite a smallish(i think thats a word) tree so easy to pick all the fruit and could suit a suburban backyard, what falls on the ground the chooks clean up!
    No worries about link im sure it will work out.

  6. Oh my goodness, how did I not know you had a cherry tree! Turning a very dark shade of green right now. They look wonderful and I see a black forest cake in your future.


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