Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Im Eggcited!!!

My First Egg after Operation Musli.

Now i do understand its Winter, Cold  and sometimes raining but chooks have nothing else to do all day so why not lay an egg or two?

So i raked out their Shed, layed lovely fresh smelling hay from the hayshed, made 2 new roosting boxes and another perch just for fun and they still just looked at me.............

A friend gave me a whole heap of out dated Farmhouse Musli in lovely little paper bags with a farm printed on the front, each morning i put a bag out for the chooks breaky.......

Yes Thankyou we prefer Musli.

So this morning im going to enjoy one of my favorite Winter Breakfasts.
Scrambled eggs with spinach(just picked)
Tea, toast and my grapefruit & ginger marmalade!!

Join Hazel http://hazel-dene.blogspot.com/2011/08/winter-wednesday-11.htmland see what others are enjoying on this Winter Wednesday!!!



  1. Ooo, The first egg is always the most eggciting...but, for me, the wonder of newly laid eggs never really wears off. I have been giving my girls a bit of porridge...they love it! Thanks for the link...again.

  2. Its so eggciting Andrea!!! Your girls look beautiful!! I have a Australorp too and she is a lovely bird! Are the others RIRs?
    Your breakfast sounds yummy! I hope you enjoyed it!

  3. Sounds like you're all enjoying a great breakfast. Nothing like an egg first thing in the morning, Miss Two and I also enjoy these every now and again - when I can be bothered making them.


  4. Yum! Do you do Bill Granger style scrambled eggs? He uses a dash of cream rather than milk.

  5. Hi, thankyou for all dropping by,
    Always enjoy Winter Wednesday Hazel,yes my chooks love porridge too.

    Phoebe, the Australorp is a beautiful bird and about 5 years old( not laying) but she looks after the younger chooks and i thought i may get her a clutch of eggs to sit on if she gets broody again.

    Barbara, good to hear miss 2 will eat an egg i could never get mine to eat them when they were young.

    Rose, i love cream with my eggs but not today just al natural.

  6. Yay! May you find many more eggs as the days get warmer. I've been giving my chooks porridge some mornings over winter too - haven't stepped up to muesli yet though.

  7. Woo hoo very eggciting! Your astralorp reminds of my favourite hen, Astrid, she was a black Lorp too but got eaten by a fox :(
    Your chooks are lucky to get such beautifully packaged muesli for brekkie! :) I like making hot porridge for the girls and watch them gobble it down, fluffy bums up!

  8. So exciting everything home-made for breakfast!Delicious.

  9. How I wish we could have laying hens but even our neighbor laments the trouble that foxes and martens give him. We especially know when we hear gunshots going off on his property!


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