Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Winter Wildflowers

As Winter comes to a close I would love to share with you some of the beautiful Australian wildflowers growing along many of the country lanes I have been walking on.
Much of the bushland has been cleared many years ago for crops and stock but along the roadsides many flowers and shrubs can be found.

A BIG thank you Hazel for hosting Winter Wednesdays and sharing with us all, the time and effort put into your posts is fantastic and enjoyed by so many!!!
I have loved reading as many new blogs as possible and following the many joys, comforts, crafts, recipes , thoughts, gardening tips and the odd whinge that Winter brings.
Best of all Winter has just gone sooo fast and I'm now off on my trip,(4 more sleeps) bags packed, feeling fit , excited, nervous (first ever trip overseas) and ready for a challenge and whatever comes my way...........


Join in at Hazel's http://hazel-dene.blogspot.com/2011/08/winter-wednesday-html and celebrate the end of Winter!!!


  1. Beautiful photos! The top one with the wattle and red earth is just stunning!
    Have a wonderful trip! Safe travels.

  2. I love how hardenbergia seems to be everywhere at this time of year. Fabulous for brightening things up.

  3. Andrea, I adore that first photo, you've framed it beautifully. And what a fabulous way to see out the Winter, by heading off on an exciting new adventure. I'm sure you will LOVE to trip - everyone loves Italy don't they. I will be waiting for a full account of your fun on your return, especially of the food! Bon voyage.

  4. Nice pictures Andrea, great subject matter but really cleverly caught.

  5. Creamy gelato, campari and plates and plates of pasta are all waiting for you here!!!

  6. Buongiorno ! thank you all for dropping by and your comments,glad you have enjoyed the photos.
    Hope you all have a great start to spring, planting the many seeds ready for the summer crops and take plenty of time out to smell the roses.
    Arrivederci x x

  7. Have a fantastic first overseas trip! I bet you'll get 'the bug' and will be planning the next one within a fortnight of your arrival home :)

  8. Hi Andrea, lovely photos; that top one is just an invitation to walk!. Wow, and you're off for a whole month's walking, I'm so jealous. You are going to have such a fine time. Look forward to hearing all about it. Remember don't carry too much!

    Happy blisters.


  9. All very lovely! Looking forward to reading about your trip.


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