Sunday, 21 August 2011

Seedlings on the GO!!!

On a previous post i showed how i made a cold frame and thought you all may like to see how surprisingly successful it has proved to be.
I think the main reason for the success is the constant temperature the frame provides and the fact no slugs etc can get to any of the emerging sweet tasting seedlings.  

The above photo shows the emerging dill on left hand row Lettuce middle and onions on right.
The seeds were planted on the 31/7 so their now 3 weeks old and the lettuce are ready for transplanting.
Percentage of seeds that have germinated is very high.

The photo below shows where i planted lettuce seeds at the same time but not protected and only 3 seeds germinated.(hardly can be seen)

So yes I'm very, very happy with the cold frame that I've started building another one.

Different types of rabbit guards were also quickly thrown together with what i could find in the shed, chicken wire , shade cloth and poly plastic (off cuts from poly house) and stapled together to make guards. These seem to be doing their job so far!!

This was a healthy Kale Plant, stripped bare!

New Cabbage seedlings

Little wire tunnels with shade cloth on top to hide seedlings from rabbits,seems to work!!

And a little bit of wire art just for fun!!! thats a little cabbage seedling hiding under my new chook!!

Hope you all had a great weekend !!!


  1. Andrea, I had to call my husband over when I saw your very clever chicken wire sculpture! That is the most amusing garden art that I've seen yet.

  2. Wow impressive results from the cold frame. Maybe you could go into business, I'd have one!

  3. The curse of rabbits and snails! Your sculptures do have a certain charm of their own.


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