Saturday, 8 October 2011

Italy, you had me at first Gelati !

Oh what a holiday!!!

Italy is such a beautiful country full of a rich history surrounding all the many Cities, villages and people that I was just in awe.
Amazing countryside, clean and efficient public transport, friendly people and the food!!!!!! I didn't want to come home!!!
So glad I did heaps of walking before I left as there are always hills and plenty of steps in Italy!! The weather was beautiful between 25C-33C every-day, only one day of rain, really a short heavy shower and lucky for me as I lost my new lightweight coat on that day.

Six days of walking in the beautiful Chianti region was the most wonderful
experience, passing through vineyards,tasting wines, stopping for lunch at a family cafe, old farmhouses, amazing views, following old roman roads, picnic lunches beside ancient churches and ruins.......

An afternoon of Cooking at “Podere la Sala” with Monica and Mamma Maria was a afternoon/evening to remember!!!
A full Italian menu all cooked from scratch!! including
Gnudi al Pomodoro
Tagliatelle Zucchine& Salsiccia
Spezzatino di Pollo con Cipolle
Con champignon al Forno

We finally all ate about 1opm at the gaily decorated table in the renovated barn, the bells of the nearby church ringing quietly through the evening, just beautiful.

                                                          Eva, 3 years old learns too.


                               Beautiful Monica, wonderful teacher & host and amazing cook.

I would really love to write so much more but unfortunately since returning home i have injured my eye, (would you believe raking up bark & sticks which one struck my eye) and ended up at the Eye& Ear Hospital. So i can only now hop on computer for a very short time.
Can't believe i travelled all over Italy for a month with no troubles at all and then nearly lose my eye in my own backyard!!!

                                 Beautiful Florence                              Ciao till next time, x


  1. Oh Andrea, you kept me hanging out for this post, but I'm so sorry to hear about your eye - I hope it's okay soon. It looks like a magical holiday and when you're up to it feel free to share more.

  2. Beautiful pics, a wonderful holiday...hope your eye gets better soon!
    I love Italy.

  3. Thank-you my eye is healing nicely, more pics soon!

  4. Hi Andrea, your trip sounds wonderful and much cooler than our walking trip to Sicily last year. You need to walk whilst in Italy just to keep off all that extra weight gained from fantastic food! Ouch, re your eye - hope it's better?



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