Saturday, 29 October 2011

Garden Tales


This last week I've had a wonderful productive time in my Veggie Garden.

First started with general weed and clean-up and trim of all silver beet, rocket and parsley plants starting to bolt, when I had a huge wheelbarrow full I then dumped it all in the chook-pen and sent the girls into a frenzy!!
Next any spare sections of garden beds were then dug over and compost added.
Next step was to check my garden diary, I started this diary in 2004 to record all garden beds and what I planted in them each season, remembering to rotate crops with one bed sown with a green manure crop. (forgot this year)
I also record rainfall, temperature and dates of crops sown and when produce is harvested and ways of harvesting, eg Garlic, over the years I've been able to work out the best time to plant cloves and when too pull them and dry them with the least amount of loss.
Notes and recipes from friends and items of interest from magazines, blogs and the Weekly Times are also scribbled in where they can fit.
Final Step was to write down which crops are now ready to sow and into which beds, seed packets sorted and then seeds finally planted.

Sunflowers                Corn                   Bush Beans
Climbing Beans          Butter Beans         Perpetual Spinach
Lettuce Cos Verdi
         Little Gem
         Rossa Di Trento
Zucchino Romaneso     Cucumber             Basil
Tomato Yellow Pear                             Capsicum Patio Red
          Mortgage Lifter

Whats been harvested this week:
Asparagus                      Red Onions       Dill
Spinach                         Silver beet         Oregano
Parsley                         Chives              Kale 2 varieties
Broad Beans                  Lettuce 4 varieties

Whats growing along nicely:
Potatoes              Artichoke             Cabbage
Carrots               Beetroot              Rhubarb
White & Red Onions
lettuce seedlings
Tomato seedlings Self sown ?

Whats soon to be harvested:
Large crop of Garlic

          Alfred came along to work with me one day but the weeding was just too much for him !!



  1. Hi Andrea thanks so much for stopping by:) It sounds like you have a great system going with your garden diary and very dedicated. It would be a great record to have to look back on, to change things or how to improve things.

    Renovating is a slow process isn't it? But so rewarding when you look back on all that you have achieved. The vj boards are lovely to have and do have a warm feel to them I think.

    As for my resolutions, I'm still working on them some are a bit harder to do than others:)

  2. Yep... still have to start a garden diary... been meaning to for a couple of years now,.


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