Sunday, 30 October 2011

Simple Mondays

Today I'm joining along with Barbara and her Simple Monday theme which is always a joy to read.

Its the simple things in life which can sometimes bring you the most happiness and contentment ,
sharing a cup of tea with a friend, reading a book,(finding the time to read it) spring cleaning the house, finishing a project (however small) or receiving a cup of tea in bed. ( you can tell I like a cuppa)

I find smells can trigger simple joys and memories.
 Mint brings back wonderful memories of holidays at the seaside as a young girl, camping in the old bungalow in grandma's backyard, playing with my sisters & brother , climbing down rocky paths to the sea below,
finding treasure's in the sand, shells and driftwood.
At night the smell of mint growing along the bungalow walls would drift in through the window on the sea breeze..................

A mint bush planted on the edge of a path in the veggie path is a daily reminder of special times!!

While in Italy I was given beautiful Shampoo and soaps made with organic Olio Di Oliva  (olive oil)
and once a week I wash my hair and remember the smells and experiences of my exciting trip only such a short time ago!!!

What smells bring to you a special memory?


  1. Andrea, I love how powerful a smell can be a bringing back a memory. Frustratingly I usually can't identify the smell when it's not around - nothing obvious like mint. I think my grandmother always used Cashmere Bouquet soap, so I think of her when I smell that. And funnily the smell of cow dung transports me back to school holidays spent with my grandparents and cousins.

    My mint desperately needs repotting, perhaps once I do that I'll pop it somewhere I walk past everyday.

    Sadly my olfactory workings are little too highly tuned as there are also a number of smells that quickly bring on migraines for me. Not such a good association.

  2. The smell of wood smoke reminds me of visiting my nannas in Ballarat, love the power of a smell memory.

  3. Hi Andrea, thanks for visiting my blog. I had to think a bit about what memories smells trigger for me, but I think for me it is more about sounds that make me remember things. I wonder if a particular sense is more dominant in different people? Thanks for such a thought provoking post.

  4. Too many smells to mention, really - I could fill a whole blog with them.
    Your mint seems, er, very healthy...!


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