Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Place and Yours.

Joining with Vic at My Place and Yours for this weeks meme "My favorite Piece of Clothing".

Only brought these last week but just love wearing them whilst in the garden!

 I do have quite a selection of gardening footwear, gumboots with green frogs, black gumboots and pull-on safety boots for the heavy work.
I keep these by the back door so i can just slip them on for my early morning walks around the garden with my cup tea/toast. No more dirty slippers as i usually end up digging away in the garden!!!
They are very comfy and clean up with a quick hose down .


  1. Love them. Beats my thongs in the garden!

  2. oooh! They look perfect for gardening. I'm like you, my slippers get very dirty if I don't remember to change them! hehe

  3. I usually potter in the garden or anywhere at home in bare feet. I reluctantly put shoes on if I go out.

  4. You're very good Andera - I usually find I do the gardening in whatever I've got on at the time usually barefeet or birkenstocks :)

  5. I'm like that too Andrea, take my morning stroll about and end up doing this or that in whatever shoes I have on. I'd love a pair of those by my back door, but my dog would 'love' them more!

  6. Thanks for all your comments,my shoes are now put up high as little Alfred has taken a shine to them, so far just sleeping on them but.......

  7. I love it when I read a post and laugh out loud ...Kids, dog all look up ...then return to what they are doing probably with the thought ..."Just mum in her crazy wee world"

    Reading this post give me a good start to the day


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