Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thursdays Harvest


  1. This looks like a delicious harvest from your garden. Your carrots look great mine look a bit wonky to say the least but tasted good despite their appearance;)

  2. Beautiful composition! All the picture needs is a black background and a pottery jug with some flowers and it could be the inspiration for an 18th century Dutch masterpiece!

  3. Wow you have onions with bulbs on them - very impressive - mine have yet to do anything at all. When did you plant?

  4. Catherine,I was really happy with my crop of carrots as i have never been successful with them before,but i did have some crooked ones too!

    Frogdancer, Phoebe,Kirsty,they did taste as good as they looked, salads and stir-frys.

    Liz,i hunted in the garden and found the label,seems i planted the onions 18th March.They do take a long time to mature but they dont need/like a rich soil and other than a bit of weeding are hassle free.Brown for cooking and Red for salads.


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