Thursday, 10 November 2011

7 week Challenge

 Well here it goes............. Finish "THE" Stone Wall around the Veggie Garden.

In one of my earlier posts I spoke about finishing projects one of which I started 6 years ago! well you can't rush things if you want a good job done I've been telling myself !!

So this last week I have started , firstly with some photos so you can see all the hard work and sweat that's going on.

Why i planted this horrible wormwood I'll never know but it had to go so you can actually see the wall.

Lots of hard work swinging the maddock until i realised i could just use my body weight and jump on the branches and they easily broke, hey I'm not that big !!

Now you can see the wall and rocks (1 wheelbarrow load) collected from around the rocky paddocks.
My kind husband helped me collect a 1/2 ute load and I'm on my way................

  I did consult a few books before starting but mostly followed the way they existing walls on the property have been constructed. Large rocks form the base then rocks are overlapped and placed slightly leaning in towards center lots of little rocks are used to fill in center and any other holes.

Did you notice the mini horse in the background sneaking some of my lucerne mulch which is for the garden?

This is one side of the wall

And this is the other side and as you can see there is a lot more rocks to be collected, any offers of help?? those who need their finger nails need not apply!!!

The other two sides of the veggie garden fence will stay as they are, part of the original chicken wire fence.                                                                              


  1. This is beautiful! and a great place for lizards to hide that might just help you out with some garden pests! Great work :)

  2. Hi Erica, thanks for visiting and i hadn't thought of lizards i will sure welcome them just not their legless cousins!!

  3. Gosh this is going to look amazing when you're finished. If we lived a little closer I'd offer to lend you a hand, then I could sneak a good look at your fabulous garden as well. Miss Two would love helping you with the little rocks too. She is forever filling her bucket with my garden pebbles that we layed around the raised beds.

    So you've set yourself seven weeks to finish it I assume? Good luck, can't wait to see what unfinished project you'll be tackling next. I too have been inspired to finished some half done things - I'll blog about it soon.

  4. Hi Barbara, yes the plans to finish before the end of the year and the family arrives for Xmas and i will take a picture of the crew in front of it. Glad to hear i'm not alone with unfinished projects.

  5. Mention collecting, moving, shifting rocks and my muscles start to ache but what a beautiful work it'll be once everything is done and in place!

  6. WOW! I love stone walls - that's already looking absolutely fabulous.


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