Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Italy, Take Two

First Stop was Rome , it was so HUGE!!! and so beautiful!!!

St Peter's at the Vatican

 After Rome off to the country side ,the township of Radda surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, this particular day 19k walk.

Some mornings I got up early to watch the sunrise and then an early morning coffee and pastry at the bar, Italian style!

                                At the end of the day a gelati, walk and always a beautiful Sunset

        I just loved the warm stonework of the village buildings and the simple window planters.

When you live in an apartment any little bit of space can become a veggie garden.

                            Olive trees shade this veggie garden, cabbage, kale and tomatoes.

Gaint squash growing along the roof, any extra space is put to good use.

I spent 4 days in Florence, so much to see, Gardens,Galleries,Markets,Churches, wonderful craftsmen, silversmiths & painters......
I brought a travel set of watercolors and enjoyed rediscovering a long ago interest and ended up giving away my little paintings as gifts to some of the lovely people I met .

The Chinque Terra, amazing area of 5 little townships hugging the sides of the hills. The day i walked this hill it was 33C and so humid!!! 6 bottles of water got me through and the thought of a swim in the ocean!!! Was worth every step, such amazing views.

The gaint walls and towers of San Gimignano

      I took so many photos of windows and doors they may have to have their own post.

 Looking from the Botanical Gardens to the outer wall of Siena and beyond.

                                                       Shovels at the Botanical Gardens.

Wow, how old is this olive tree?

Many simple churchs, vineyards and the most amazing views in the hills of Tuscany.

Last stop was Perugia for 4 days and a visit to Assisi and the Basilica of Saint Francis.


  1. Oh how I've been longing to read more about your trip. I've checked your blog everyday since the last one. Your photography is stunning, I hope you're going to print some of these and put them up on your walls. I love all the veggie gardens and I can't get enough of door/window photos so feel free to blog about these separately.

    Hope the eye is getting better.

  2. What a wonderful trip! Such stunning landscapes and rich culture everywhere!

  3. I applaud you for hiking the Cinque Terre in such high temps! Such a fabulous trip that makes me want to hop in the car and just drive to a destination in Italy without really planning where that place will be.

  4. Barbara, glad you like the photos( i took over 500)and my husbands eyes are starting to glaze over when i say "look at this door" or "can you make me this" My eye is fine now just got to remember the sunny's.

    Hi Phoebe, yes it was an amazing trip can't wait to go back!

    Hi Rowena, Oh my god it was hot!!! but i survived with lots of water!! Yes hop in the car and go !!! and you were right plenty of pasta & gelati just LOVED the food.


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