Monday, 11 July 2011

Living in the moment

Sometimes I can be so busy at work and home(just like everyone else) that I find I'm not really enjoying the moment or not really listening to whats somebodys saying. Not a very good trait I have to agree,  so the last couple of weeks about the same time my long walks began Ive been trying really hard to slow down and relax and just enjoy the moment!

Choosing wool to knit with.

Earthy colors of the Aussie landscape.

                                                                 Weeding the veggies

                        More knitting, not to be worn when pruning roses!! but great on morning walks.

                        Watching a cheeky cockatoo picking out the seeds from some bread.

How fantastic are these! made by my good friend Dunja maybe will need to do a post on just her ceramics,she's so clever also has built her own amazing straw bale home.
I brought these 2 little ones home and put them straight in the garden.

                                                Making and eating Green Veggie Soup, Slowly!

Leek, celery,broccoli,spinach,silver beet,parsley,garlic and zucchini topped with basil pesto and feta cheese.       Tasted good.


  1. For a minute you had me there with the mushrooms! I thought they were real!!

  2. Love you're thinking Andrea. With two small children at home I too find life getting pretty hectic, but have been making a point of slowing down and enjoying the moment, especially when spending time with the girls. I've gotten pretty good at tea parties and building with duplo.

    Great toadstools by the way, you have a very talented friend there.


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