Sunday, 24 July 2011

Container Growing

With only 5 weeks until my trip i have been heading out early(when not raining) every second morning to hit a few hills before breakfast.

Crispy Cold but beautiful Views! 

Around every corner there is a little bit of history waiting to be discovered.

These stones walls are over one hundred years old and were built by the early settlers first drawn to the Victorian Goldfields looking to find their riches!

An old footbridge, water level reached handrail in last years flood!

                                                  This old beauty resting under gum trees.

Work in the Veggie gardens has been a little slow as have been sooo busy at work, I did have time to add compost to my bath tubs part of a temporary veggie garden.
The bath tub in the background was used last season for potatoes so in this i shall plant some spring seedlings ,beans maybe to climb up the wire fence behind.
The other bathtub will be for this seasons potatoes.

 I hate to admit this but sprayed oxalis after spending the last 6 years trying to rid it by hand weeding.

Also running out of compost bins/areas so i made a couple out of chicken wire and placed them around the garden so when I'm weeding i just throw them in, at a later stage i can add grass clippings, manure etc.
Travelling home from work yesterday I dropped into a garage sale, i picked up a old handmade wooden ironing board! can't wait to sand it down and stain it! maybe will use it as a sideboard or plant-stand.

Love to hear of your favorite "finds"

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  1. Great photos Andrea, and the count down is really ticking along til your big trip.

    I love the idea of the bath tub gardens, very resourceful.

    I'm not much of a treasure hunter generally, but the idea is starting to appeal more and more, especially to find cheap solutions to achieving' my gardening goals. Probably my best 'find' was a bookshelf my husband brought with him to our first house. He had made it himself - he's always been quite handy - but he's hopeless at finishes so instead of sanding and staining it he covered it in a fake-wood contact!! It was hideous, the shelf itself was great and very deep and was absolutely perfect for my ever increasing collection of cook books. I slaved over this piece pulling the contact off, spending hours scrubbing off the glue residue and then sanding and staining it. It looks really good now and is chockers with my obsession with cook books. The rule in this house is once the book shelf is full that's it. It's now full and I have a pile that don't fit in, oops.

    We also now have an agreement that he will do the building and I will do the finishing, works well and no sign of contact on furniture!


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