Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Wonder of Rain


Rain fell steadily all night and continued as I rose, deep grey sky's but plenty of bird song, gums trees glistening and everywhere a different shade of green to be seen.
Ah Rain !!! It brings us so much promise, a light shower that can help young seedlings along and settle the dust and constant steady rain which provides a wonderful deep soak for the subsoil and fills our water tanks.
Then of course the heavy damaging rain which is usually accompanied by wind which can strip fruit trees bare and flatten garden beds.
Last year we had a huge Gum Tree fall (through too much rain) across garden beds crushing everything in its path but just missing the kitchen garden !

Laying in bed listening to the rain I was feeling a little smug that I got all my gardening jobs completed during the week and I could head out on my weekly trek.
Pruned Roses.
Lifted  & divided  and replanted miniature iris.
Removed old lavender bushes and replanted  garden bed.
More weeding.
Fed veggie seedlings with worm juice.
Cleaned out chicken coup & feed Chickens Garlic Mash.
And collected two wheelbarrows of rocks for the stonewall!!!

Mmm, the phone rang and all my plans went out the window!!! Oh well not to worry I can always walk tomorrow.
I walked out the door headed to my car, flat tyre !!! Didn't feel so smug !!

Thank goodness for the Slowcooker! a quick rummage in the cupboard & fridge and presto
Red lentil & Veg soup on the go!
 Home grown ingredients, garlic,onion,thyme,oregano,parsley and a bayleaf.!

Soup done, Tyre Changed, Wet clothes in the wash and off to work !!

8 WEEKS TO TUSCANY!!!!!!!!     Come Rain or Shine!!!!


  1. I just love a good soaking rain over night. Great for the garden and a little lullaby to help me sleep. We were supposed to get rain today, but alas only a few drops eventuated. Looks like I'll be out in the cold and wind tomorrow watering my garden beds.

  2. Hi - welcome to the blogging world. It is amazing to think of you all down in the South beginning to prepare for Spring. Since blogging and finding new friends down under, I have become much more aware of the changes of seasons and how they are mirrored on the other side of the world. There is something so awe inspiring for me in that.
    I love your red hot poker - one of my favourite plants and they do so well here in the wind. x

  3. Thanks for dropping by,

    thenewgoodlife, beware the rains are a coming and you won't need to water.

    The Barefoot Crofter,thanks for your comment,I too have become more aware and enjoying hearing of the different conditions and methods used to grow produce all over the world. Cheers.

  4. Plenty of rain here tonight! I'm looking forward to going to sleep shortly, lulled by the sound of raindrops. Your Tuscany trip is coming ever closer!


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