Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday's Harvest

Harvesting plenty of beans(bush and climbing) zucchini and the first of my tomatoes.

I also have lots of onions in store too so today i decided to spend the day making assorted pickles.

The first batch is called Garden Harvest Pickles and included:
Carrots         and 3 green chillies (shop)

Next up Zucchini Pickles, a good one to make when you have a couple of very large, oh i didn't see you there lurking under the leaves zucchini.

First time i have used this recipe and it did involve quite a bit of chopping and soaking (2hrs) but i hope in about a months time it will be well worth it.

Ingredients from the plot  included :
Zucchini, Onions , Garlic,                 1 Red pepper (shop)                 


 The last pickle, Indian style Onion pickle i have made once before on Xmas day to serve with roast pork. It was a real hit with the whole family and we ate it hot , so it will be interesting to see how it tastes cold in a months time.
Recipe calls for 1 kg of Red onions and lots of different spices and herbs.

                                                           Tastes better than it looks!!

What with washing bottles and lids, chopping, washing dishes more chopping it was a long day, last lid went on at 7pm but very satisfying!!!

 Lunch was  tomato and fetta quiche.

Make a cup of tea, relax and visit Daphe and see whats being harvested around the globe.


  1. All looks great, I have some of those large zucchinis to use up...just dont know what to do with them...I finished wiping down my strawberry jam jars tonight at 9.30pm....tired...

    1. Each year i end up with huge zucchinis(chooks get them) so this year i finally decided to pickle.....Oh i wish i had enough strawberries to make jam YUM!

  2. That quiche is making me hungry....yay for your first tomatoes - which variety are those?

    1. I forgt to note(pre xmas stress) the smaller and cherry varieties i planted they could be anything........... taste good!

  3. Nice looking pickles. I must do more canning! My zukes are mainly pattypan ones that store pretty well if allowed to mature. In other words, I have a bunch sitting with my pumpkins in the cellar waiting to be used as something. Maybe pickles?

    1. This was my first attempt at pickles in a large quantity and i'm hooked(just hope they all taste ok when i open them.......

  4. Wow, everything looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing your great harvest!

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  6. how fun; I don't eat that many pickles tho!

  7. It sounds like after all that work you deserved that tea and that quiche sounds delish. I hope you enjoyed your Australia day holiday.

  8. What a fabulous harvest you are having. I am just looking at the seed catalogues and dreaming of finding large courgettes. xxx


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