Monday, 4 February 2013

Harvest Monday

Its been a dry start to this years Summer with only 6mls of rain falling but due to a strict routine of hand-watering via water pumped from our bore we are enjoying harvesting many things from our Orchard and veggie plot.
Today's post is the first Monday Harvest for 2013 for me so I've included what's ended up in the kitchen via the plot so far this year.

This year I'm going to TRY to remember whats been harvested and keep a tally.......

Lettuce varieties 800gms
Basil 200gms
Eggplant 1kg
kale 1.5kg
Spring Onion 150gms
Zucchini 5.2 kg
Mulberries 4.5kg
Peppers 300gms
Plums 500gms
Potatoes 2.5 kg
Red & White Onions 3.5kg

A wonderful characteristic of the Mulberry tree is that the fruit develops and ripens over a period of weeks , kept netted to keep out the hungry birds there's plenty of berries to enjoy and share with friends. I have  frozen a couple of kilos while I'm waiting for my plums to ripen  as  together they make a lovely jam.     This weeks batch of muffins, banana and mulberry....................Delish

Head over to Daphne's Dandelions and Harvest Monday to see what others from around the globe have harvested this week.



  1. Nice Mulberry haul. Those muffins look fab!

    1. I'm cetainly enjoying them while they last......

  2. Mulberries are such a beautiful soft fruit and based on your description sound like they are a long producing item too (with care and protection). You are off to a good start on the high season of production for your area.

  3. You know...we have some mulberry trees around here too and I never do anything with them...mostly the birds ghet them before I realize they're ready.

    I'm your newest follower, Annie--from Dragon Woman's Kitchen...thanks for stopping by my blog. You are absolutely right aboutt he hubby/kale connection. LOL

    1. Hi Akannie lovely to hear from you, try and beat those birds to the mulberries they really are worth it!!!


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