Friday, 24 June 2011

Someone's Trash, My Treasure !!!

Where we live we don't have a council rubbish collection service so we recycle everything via worm farm and compost, recyclables into piles hidden along our back fence until its Rubbish Tip time.

In these piles can be containers of motor oil, old fencing wire, tin, plastics, but mostly beer cans(guess who) milk&juice cartons, wine bottles etc so when these piles can fill a ute off we go to the tip!!

Now at our local tip there is a special shopping area all under cover so if its raining you can still have a good fossick for a bargain. Lots and Lots of books but never any Gardening ones!!!

Well this is my best ever find one old rusty looking blade.
Home it came (I got if free)they must of felt sorry for me in my old rusty ute and dirty gardening clothes!
Gave it a clean with a bit of steel wool, a bit of a sharpen and a new long handle and presto!!!

You can see how much its used from this photo!! not going to sharpen it again as it has proven a little
deadly(a few lettuce seedlings) in my hands.

This tool is so handy !!!!! you can use the point of it to dig down and then use the edge of it to slice weeds and then flick them out of the garden bed. With the long handle you don't have to bend down and I can reach over the veggie plots from just one side.
When I'm ready to plant seed I use it to rake open the trench and then I can use the edge to cover the seed.
This method I used when planting out my Garlic.

Photo taken a while ago !

Now I think you would call this tool a hoe but I have a feeling it probably has a different name and I do wonder(while spending hours at present killing weeds) who else found it a joy to use.

I tend to lose items in my veggie garden, (one year new watch from hubby! found 1 year later and not ticking) so I have painted the end of handle bright blue and its the one item I put away in my shed after use!!

I would love to reply to your comments but for some reason in blogger world(or its just me) I can't leave comments. any ideas?
I have posted some more photos titled A walk in the garden.



  1. I have never even seen a tool like that in these parts but then tools are my husband's business and sowing seeds, transplanting, watering and weeding are mine. Who do you think got the better deal? Well I would never complain, but as I pull weeds with a hand weeder it can be quite back-breaking work!

    Thank you for stopping by the blog. It's been a little quiet since we had a lot of rain in the first half of June....hopefully the sun is here for good and the garden can continue to march on!

  2. Sounds like its very useful! Tip shops are always great for a bargain.
    I love the look of your garden in the top photo! The pomegranate loos very striking at this time of the year! Please share some more pictures, I'd love to see it in greater detail!


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