Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Winter Moods

Winter morning walks, great photo opportunities!

During the week there wasn't a whole lot to do in the veggie garden, a few jobs were done compost turned,weeding and another couple of rows of broad beans planted, this lot a dwarf variety.

Saturday came around quickly and it was time to head out on the days trek to the Spa towns of Hepburn Springs and Daylesford, Bob keeping me company for the first 6 kms.

Down lovely country roads and up rises we went "I know a short cut through a dairy farm" says Bob , Mmm we hit a very muddy track with electric fences both sides. The Good husband lead the way(i headed close to the "hot fence")and soon his runners were sinking in fresh mud but mostly cow poo!!! I think you can imagine what he exclaimed while I tried hard not to laugh !
Once past the mud etc we walked on another km when Bob then turned to head home in his very soggy runners.
I headed up the next hill and around a bend and what a view!!!

The next 4 hours I spent walking steadily and trying hard to just enjoy the  moment, no daydreaming or list making or worrying about things not done or said, if you know what I mean.

Things I love about walking in the rain in the Country.

People you don't know smiling & waving as they drive past.

The sound of the wind in pine trees.

Watching eagles glide.

Reading names on Gates.

Different styles of letter boxes.

Coffee stop at Swiss Italian Farm "Lavandula"

Getting home and having a hot shower.

Crossing another week off my countdown to Italy  (10weeks)!!!!

Cheers or should I say Ciao!! 

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  1. Beautiful photos. That was some walk. I would have piked halfway through as well.


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