Friday, 4 May 2012

How to Make a Woman Happy.

Give her a kitchen sink !!!!!!!!

Well actually it was finally installed this week along with the rest of the kitchens appliances, dishwasher(never had one before) and fan forced oven.
i still don't have any lights but am improvising with a lamp.

So guess who's been up since 5.30 this morning making a batch of banana/sultana (healthy) muffins and filling the dishwasher with all the dirty dishes. 

        Just loving my kitchen bench on wheels that hubby made for me 

                   Rails for my tea towels and heaps of storage.

 A few new cook books...................what more could a girl ask for???

Now that jar of greenish/brown mixture is a lovely gift from my dear friend Deb. Its concentrated veggie stock made in her new thermomix and will last for 6 months in the fridge. One tablespoon is equivalent to one stock cube.

My favourite book at present , divided into the seasons each fruit and veggie is listed and then information on..... When to pick
                                  Eat and Store
                                  How to preserve
                                  Freezing options

So this weekend I'm cooking up a storm , heading out for a big bush walk and hopefully planting a few more seeds in the veggie patch.

Hope you all have a great weekend. x                                                                                                                                                


  1. Sounds good to me...and a bench on

    1. thanks for dropping by,the bench is proving a big winner plenty of room to layout material for sewing too!

  2. A new kitchen and new cookbooks! What could be better? That's a beautiful hutch in the background. You must have painted that yourself.

    1. Hi Jody, I didn't paint the hutch it came that way, a friend moved into a smaller home and couldn't take it in so i brought it and it fits into our home beautifully.

  3. I've never had a dishwasher either. How is it? Would it revolutionise my life?

    1. Brand new and doesn't work..........will have to get the electrician back to take a look!

  4. Who needs diamonds when you have all that space to work with and a new kitchen sink to boot. I nixed the idea of a dishwasher in favor of a larger, almost industrial-size convection oven, but maybe that wasn't such a wise idea as I now spend more time doing dishes than anything else! Also what a beautiful hutch!

  5. You must be one very happy lady now that you have your kitchen back, yeah that really is so exciting to have that space to cook again. Enjoy cooking in your new kitchen Andrea. xx


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