Friday, 25 May 2012

Salad Days

For a small cost and a little effort we have continued to enjoy picking salad greens over the last month as apart of the 52 week Salad Challenge.

Our weather has been quite mild for May, dryer than normal so i have had to hand water the plot a few times.
Over the last week we have also experienced a couple of frosts but so far the salad greens are still looking good. 

I transferred a few seedlings of coriander into a pot closer to the back door and the lettuce under the lemon has provided many leaves for sandwiches.


       Turnip tops going to seed but the chooks are enjoying their salad fix each day.         

The Pak Choi has been the most impressive salad green, it was quick to germinate, seedlings grew quickly and we have enjoyed the leaves in many salads, stir-fry's and this last week added to soup just before serving.

Italian cabbage seedlings coming along nicely.

Seedlings in the cold frame, Kale. Rocket and Beetroot .

The 52 week Salad Challenge is hosted by V.G  at vegplotting ,drop by and see what other keen gardeners/cooks are doing with their greens.......


  1. What a great range of different leaves and uses for them :)

    I wonder if those turnip flowers are edible?

    I'm updating your link to point to this post rather than just to your blog. When you write your later posts, people won't be able to find your salad post.

    1. I'm not to sure about the flowers being edible, probably are but they do look pretty.
      Thanks for the update on my link.

  2. Those turnips gone to seed are actually quite pretty, like some kind of wildflower! Lovely looking soup!
    Happy Salad Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

    1. Hi Lea, the soup did taste good and as our days are getting colder its just the warming meal i enjoy.

  3. With so much stuff bolting around the yard, it's nice to see your greens doing so well.

    1. Thanks Jody, i was having a big clean-up in the veggie patch and guess what i found? one lone strawberry ! and its a week to Winter...............

  4. Your lettuce in the container under the lemon tree is such an excellent idea and looks great too.


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