Monday, 12 November 2012

Harvest Monday

Its been a few weeks since I last joined in with Daphne's Harvest Monday and I've really missed catching up with every body's weekly harvests. 

Today I picked just on 500 g of sugar snap peas.

Five lovely beetroot which I'm going to make into another batch of beetroot & apple relish which has become a new favourite.

One large leek 

             A bunch of spinach which will go into tomorrows mini quiches.

             I've also started pulling my garlic and hanging it in the shed to dry.

Sadly just over a month ago a fox got to my girls and took 6 of them, I was so 
tired after a day at work was late home and let the girls out for a quick scratch................... got busy cooking dinner and then early to bed and forgot all about the girls, I'm so mad with myself and not quite sure whether to get any more. I still have my lovely old black Chook and two little silkies which were in another pen and now only getting 1 egg a day.

You wouldn't believe it as I'm writing this post our little dog is going crazy outside and my husband went outside to check and saw the fox !!!
I suppose they have their young cubs to feed but wish they would get the rabbits instead!

Looking forward to heading over to Daphne's Dandelions  
and checking out this weeks Harvests from around the globe.


  1. Sorry about the fox attack. I remember it happening periodically when we were growing up and its always sad. I have some beetroots like that about ready for harvest too - i really like those cylindrical ones.

    1. I find this shaped beetroot doesn't tend to get as woody and it always seems to germinate and grow well with seeds planted direct into the soil.

  2. All of your harvest looks so beautiful and takes me back to spring! I'm sorry to hear about your chickens.

    1. The seasons seem to come around so fast, I'm really enjoying this spring and trying lots of new varieties of veggie seeds.

  3. So sorry about your girls. We have so many predators around here - fox, bobcat, mountain lion, coyote, hawks, owls... - my girls never get to go outside their enclosure. I feel a little sorry for them, but they seem happy enough, it's a pretty big space. My neighbor let his girls out during the day and they all disappeared before a year was out. That was sad, you think he would have learned...

    Your harvests look great. I'm envious of your peas, I could not get my fall planting to take off this year.

    1. Well I thought I would of learned by now too, we don't have as many predators, just the feral cats and foxes but they are so cunning!! During the afternoon when the chickens were let out my 2 dogs would protect them but that particular night both dogs were on their chains so they wouldn't chase kangaroos !

  4. Ooohhh...beet and apple relish sounds delicious!

  5. Sorry about the loss of your girls.
    Lovely harvest there, I like the cylindrical beetroot more than others as well.


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