Monday, 10 June 2013

Harvest Monday

Lots of things growing in the plot but nothing much just quite ready for picking, late Autumn plantings mean I'm quite behind in Winter crops.

Over the last few weeks we have received plenty of much needed rain and the paddocks are looking beautiful and green and the soil in the plot has been a dream to work with, so easy to  fork over and lots of worms present.

The old faithfuls have been standing up strong to the weather, Kale, Lettuce,Parsley and the first of the garlic shoots have been picked and enjoyed in soups and salads.

To supplement the lack of fresh produce from the plot I have been making use of many of the sauces I made earlier in the year and my favourite lunch time meal is Spicy Pumpkin Soup made from our store of Butternuts.

This recipe sort of just evolved after I threw in all my favourite herbs and spices, a bit heavy handed for a change as I always feel my soup lacks just the right amount of bite.

1 small butternut cut into chunks
4 cloves of garlic crushed   
1 small piece of ginger grated
Olive oil
mustard seeds,  fennel seeds, turmeric, cumin seeds,
salt and pepper
1 litre of chicken stock.

In a saucepan I heated up a few tablespoons of olive oil and added the spices cooked for 1 minute. 
  Then added garlic, ginger and pumpkin pieces and cooked for a couple of minutes until all the pumpkin was well coated with the spices.
Added the chicken stock and then let simmer until the pumpkin was falling apart and all very soft.  I just used a potato masher to get out the few lumps ( I don't like it to smooth)
Some fresh parsley upon serving...........


Joining in today with Daphne sharing what's been harvested from the plot with many others from around the globe........


  1. I haven't made pumpkin soup in about 100 years - I hate chopping up the pumpkin as I'm so weak. It does sound delish though and it's the perfect weather for it too.

    1. Yes chopping it up can be a bit dangerous!! but well worth it.

  2. Your pumpkin soup recipe sounds a lot like mine. The rain was great wasn't it?

    1. The rain was fantastic!! but we did have a bit of drama...going to post about it soon!

  3. Ooohhh, that soup sounds yummy! I have actually never made pumpkin (or butternut) soup! I am hopeful we'll have many to harvest this year and then I can experiment :-)

    1. Well I do hope you get the chance to make some pumpkin soup it is pretty tasty.

  4. I also feel that my pumpkin soup is lacking in something so I'll add a few of those spices you've got listed. We especially love anything with fennel.

    1. Oh I love fennel too!! at present I'm in love with feta cheese, fennel, cumin and roasted garlic......not on everything of course!!!


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