Saturday, 8 June 2013

Winter Bliss

It has been quiet on the blogging front of late many things to do and where to fit them all!
  I can imagine you all have been busy too and I hope you are all enjoying the start to Winter here in Australia.
The veggie garden has been well planted out, onions, broccoli, spinach, lettuce varieties, parsley, kale, sugar snap peas and plenty of garlic.
The grounds have had a good old fashioned "clean up" which in our house usually involves a bonfire.......
And of course plenty of firewood gathered and stacked ready for those cold nights ahead.


Around lunch time and after 6pm this is my favourite place to be..........

My idea of bliss ......
Open fire
Good Book
Home made soup..
How are you enjoying the start to Winter?


  1. I love the seasonal opposites of different corners of the world! If I'm able to purchase more of those sturdy plastic row covers from France, I'll give another go at a winter garden this year. Having one would complete my idea of winter bliss!

  2. Nice wood stack. So far winter has seemed pretty mild to me and frankly I'm hoping it stays that way. I am enjoying soup too though.


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