Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sea Change...................

Who doesn't love the sea ?................... memories of family holidays, walks along the shore, collecting shells, watching the waves and listening to the sound of them as you go to sleep.....
No FROST yepee !!!!  3 months ago the other half and I along with the 2 dogs headed off at 4am in the morning along the freeway and under the tunnel past numerous Big M signs to the sleepy village we now call home........

 Wasn't long before I was out in the garden (3 days in fact) finding a sheltered sunny spot to plant some seeds and start a veggie plot.
Under the netting I have selection of lettuce, spinach, rocket, chives and parsley.
A new large garden bed has been created  with the use of a rotary hoe and over the next week I hope to start planting seeds ready for a bumper summer crop ! 
 One big consideration..........Wombat proof the veggie plot !!!! we haven't seen one yet but each morning I find where he or she has been.
The Local Councils and Land Care do a great job protecting the coast and providing facilities and services for the local and visiting public to enjoy. This photos shows a great board walk which is part of a bigger walking track which hugs the shore line at Marlo, another village up the coast from us where the great Snowy river meets the sea.
Farmer's market this weekend on the Village  Green ! 


  1. This is going to be fun! Wishing you both the best on your move to a new home by the sea. I had to google wombat (I have to say that they do look cute) to refresh my knowledge of the animal kingdom. Do you think that your dogs will be of some help to keep the invaders away?

    1. Hi Rowena, so far the dogs have scared away the rabbits but the wombats come out at night when the dogs are locked far the wombats seem to like digging around the gum trees.....hope it stays that way!!


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