Thursday, 5 May 2011

Big Clean up!

Another beautiful Autumn day and a great one to spend cleaning up the vegie patch !
As I have quite a millipede invasion it was time to act, upon reading up on them found out just what they love and one of the main thing is mulch, so that has been raked away and now added to a large round water tank with ends removed, which will be the next home for potatoes later on in the year. Also removed were a few weeds and then beds tilled over , I don't know where they came from but lots of stones removed as well !
I like to border my plots with perennials and annuals for extra color and to attract more bees so these I trimmed up and removed lower foliage resting on the ground and also dead leaves etc these went into the worm farm.
All paths were raked and weeded , grass mowed and horse manure added to compost and all turned over.
This years 2nd garlic bed was dug over , tilled and then dusted with lime(another thing millipedes don't like)  and will be ready for garlic in a couple of weeks.

                                             Keplie Lucy keeping a close watch on the girls!!

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