Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Friendship Gardening.

I woke today to find a beautiful sunny but frosty morning, I headed straight to the kitchen garden to take some photos and then grabbed the watering can to shower new seedlings to lessen any damage.
While I was taking photos I started to think of a dear friend, the first I made when we moved to the country, Beth arrived (with cake & plants) and welcomed us to the area and also with an invitation to join the local spinning/weaving group(that's another story).
My garden is full of her generous gifts, rhubarb,bunching onions, lettuce varieties, golden oregano not to mention autumn crocus, sedums, candytuff and numerous other bulbs...
Time for a visit and to take her some Golden lettuce seedlings! After a cup of tea and chat we headed out for a look at whats growing in her garden, not many lettuces so mine were much appreciated.
Beautiful healthy Rhubarb.

Two varieties of Beetroot and White Radish.
Now I know us ladies like to keep our ages a secret so just let me say I hope I'm still smiling in my garden when I'm Beth's age!!!
Also in her garden,carrots,garlic,turnips, asparagus bed,onions,lots of herbs and seeds just planted of broad beans. A small orchard includes varieties of apple, peach, plum and pears.
I'm sure to have forgotten something.
Off I went home inspired yet again with more produce to share with others and for my own garden.
Merle's carrot seeds, Suzy's white radish seeds, Beth's parsnip seeds as well as pods of perennial sweet pea which I must plant tomorrow.
Next week its spinning day at Suzy's, another great gardener so a  great opportunity for me to take some produce and seeds to share!

                                                                       SWEAT PEA



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  1. I find gardens and animals are great ways to make contacts in the community and have been the starting points for a few wonderful friendships during my life.


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