Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Must do, To Do & Finish off Lists.

I have lots of good ideas for the garden but some of them end up a lot of hard work and take longer than anticipated and end up on the Finish off List. Take my idea to build a stone wall around the entire vegie garden, I started it about six years ago and still going!  plenty of rock on our property but by the time I've collected a ute load then unloaded it and then put them in place the afternoon is nearly over! and I need about 50 more ute loads!!! 

The wall so far is about 50cms in height so I have a fair way to go considering the walls in total are about 30 metres in length! 
Time to invite the adult children (5) for a weekend maybe bribe them with a roast dinner and beg them to help collect rocks to finish the wall!! 
Then of course there's a gate to build to enter the far side of garden, I found a old iron bed head and was hoping the other half could make it a gate but he has a list of things to finish as well!
Ok next on the list and a bit easier (with a cup of tea)  clean up gardening shed  sort out packets of seeds, tools,buckets of lime, netting,etc!! 
Next the Must Do list, weeding and pruning that should be easy! Where did all these weeds come from?(in the compost they go) five hours later I'm heading up the road with my ute full of rose and assorted prunnings to our community green waste pile. Good job done and one crossed off the list!!

Sunday morning  (I'm still thinking of ways to finish my rock wall) and time to walk out some tired muscles, I headed down to our creek thinking I may spot a platapus, no luck but I did come across a beautiful butterfly, not sure what type it is and a toadstool. Sitting beside this creek is just magic the beautiful big gums are sometimes home to Koalas too!
 Back to the vegie garden to finish the last item on my list for the day , last of the garlic cloves planted!

The above photo shows(large clump of Dietes) but behind that an original stone wall built in the late 1800's on our property which inspired me to build my own.!!!!

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