Monday, 5 March 2012

Mondays Harvest

Just over a week ago it was 39.5 C on our front veranda !  the last of the veggies were looking a little sad including myself and the 2 dogs.
A week later and 115mls of rain and there's lots of smiles and green grass emerging.

Luckily i had already cleaned up some of the beds, dug them over so when the rain started a got out my bag of dynamic lifter(organic fertiliser in pellets) and spread it around.

So i have been busy going through my seed boxes and planting madly...........................

What i have harvested but forgot to take a photo is more potatoes and lots of parsley.

One of my favourite herbs and shrubs to have in the garden is Rosemary and this time of year i like to harvest small branches which have layered in the rocky/sandy soil of the driveway.

These few small branches once trimmed down and potted up became 12 new plants...............

I will use these later in spring to replace any old plants and keep a few spare to give away when friends visit.

                                              So what have you been harvesting??????

 Head over to Daphne's Dandelions and see what others are harvesting around the globe

                                                            Happy Gardening


  1. What a lovely gift, a rosemary plant, I am coming to visit.

  2. Funny you should mention it... I started a few rosemary slips a couple of weeks ago. I'm expanding some landscape areas and rosemary does very well here with our heat...

    1. It is a hardy plant isn't it,i never have to water them and this year the little blue wrens made their nests in one of the hedges, a added bonus!

  3. Wow you did get a lot of rain, we didn't get anything like that much - about half that actually - but it was enough for our garden. Everything looks so much happier, and I don't have to water for a while - always good!

  4. Hey Andrea, nice drop of rain you received. I can imagine all the garden would appreciate a lovely drink

    I need to replace a Rosemary bush that is starting to turn up it's toes, better strike some cuttings.......

    Claire :}

  5. It's a land of extremes! So pleased to see the sun shining again today!. Just put in my winter onions.

  6. The weather has been so unpredictable this year, it's been hard getting into gardening. I love rosemary it would have to be my favourite herb in the garden and it's such a pretty bush. There hasn't been any harvesting just yet here with school holidays coming up soon there will be some spare time to get into the garden which I'm really looking forward too.:)


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