Saturday, 24 March 2012

Salad Days.............

This month I've joined along with VG at Veg Plotting for the 52 week Salad Challenge.
The Challenge is to grow enough salad greens to provide a tasty salad each week for 52 weeks. 
First up as it was the end of our Summer and most salad crops had gone to seed i collected different varieties of lettuce seeds sorted them bagged and labelled them.  
 Three types were sow directly into beds, Red lettuce,Rossa Di Trento and Golden lettuce.
Summer herbs i gave a trim and lifted and divided bunching onions and replanted them into rows.
Other seeds planted (2/3/2012) Beetroot Forono, Rocket, Spinach,Coriander,
Lettuce Little Gem and Carrots.
I also purchased a punnet of mixed lettuce.

I planted some of the lettuce seedlings and potted
up onions and parsley to have at the back door for easy picking.(handy when its been raining)     

Most of the seeds have germinated due to Autumn rain and bright sunny days.

Looks like i will have plenty of Red lettuce and extras to give away.

Sowings are the first for my new Veggie Plot so I'm extra pleased as the soil is a little heavy with lots of little stones.
Recycled fence panels are to keep out the kangaroos, they don't like onions or rosemary so i planted them outside along the fence.
A few old bales of hay provide a wind break.

What we have enjoyed over the last month is parsley, basil, onions and the last cabbage which was chopped up to make Asian noodle salad.

Lets hoping we will be soon picking our greens and tossing a salad!!!!!

                                         Happy Gardening..............                           


  1. I'm loving my salad leaves at the moment. Although I do have to constantly replace the plants as they keep bolting. Having said that the cooler weather should stop them for awhile. Those red lettuce look great I really like the oak leaf type varieties. i'm presuming that's what they are?

    1. Hi Liz, after our heavy soaking 2 weeks ago seedlings are emerging everywhere, even a few bean seeds i had forgotten about.I do wish i could remember to label all the plants i keep for seed but yes they are oak leaf type one of my favorites and very hardy.

  2. Nice to 'meet' you and thanks for joining in with the challenge :)

    I've heard of rabbit and deer-proof planting before, but your post is the first I've seen where kangaroo-proof planting is discussed.

    We have a visitor from Melbourne (hubby's v distant cousin in both senses of the word distant!) coming to see us on Wednesday, I must ask him for more information!


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