Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cooking from Scratch

One of the things I love most about Winter is the extra time I have to spend in the Kitchen, as its dark at 6pm that gives me at least 1 1/2 hours to prepare, cook, read a book and have a cuppa or a glass of wine..........

Over the last few months i have been noticing the term "Cooking from Scratch"
and it got me thinking .............................

How many meals a week do i cook from scratch, that is cooking a meal without using any processed food products and with my own home grown produce.  
 We do eat quite a bit of meat and organic chicken which we buy from our local butcher and any additional veggies i buy from the local supermarket.

So looking back over the last week I think i can class most of my breakfasts, only half of my lunches and 5 of our evening meals as Cooking from Scratch.

First up at the start of the week we enjoyed roast chicken with roast potatoes and steamed carrots, peas and cabbage. Homemade gravy using a little of the 
chicken juices a tablespoon of flour and water.

Next evening i stripped off the remaining chicken which i put aside, and then the carcass went into a large pot along with the usual, onion, celery,parsley,salt and pepper to make stock for soup later in the week.

Ok so a quick look around the veggie plot i found some young leeks, parsley and pulled up 1 sort of medium carrot.
The chopped leeks and carrot along with a red onion and clove of garlic went into the fry pan for a couple of minutes.
I then added the chopped chicken and 1/2 cup corn and peas.
then added 1/2 cup chicken stock with a tablespoon of cornflour mixed through.     
 Stir altogether and cook for a few minutes.      Cool.

While the filling was cooling i made shortcrust pastry, rolled out thinly and lined a large muffin tin to make 6 individual pies.

 Small slit in top and cooked for 30-40 minutes
 at 200C                                                  


 Hubby asked for seconds ......good sign !                                                                    

Later on in the week after a morning of chopping, carting and stacking fire wood i must admit they made the perfect lunch.

What are your favorite pie fillings?

Joining in with Robin at The Gardener of Eden. Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard.


  1. Oh I do love a pie. If only I had leeks and carrots in my garden. I have both growing but ridiculously slowly, perhaps by the time its too hot to want pie they'll be ready.

    1. Things are growing a little too slowly......I planted heaps of leeks quite early they did grow a bit at first but are just snoozing at present.

  2. that sounds delicious, chicken and leek is a definite favourite for me.

    1. yes i think i will be making them again ...........soon!

  3. Oh that looks wonderful! A definite cool weather meal. I think your ingredients were perfect!

    1. Thanks Robin, some times when you just "make do" with whats in the fridge and garden it all turns out pretty good.

  4. My favorite filling is lamb, but chicken is a close second. I do a lot of cooking from scratch by way of using what I have in the fridge (or in the garden), but sometimes a packet of add-water-to-make-soup helps in a pinch when I'm feeling lazy.

  5. Lamb is a great filling and Iv'e discovered it goes really well with lentils. When I'm feeling lazy its just scrambled eggs.


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