Monday, 10 December 2012

Harvest Monday

Harvest Monday is hosted by inspiring gardener DAPHNE over at daphnesdandelions, its a day to share what you have been harvesting,cooking or preserving from your patch.

Over the weekend I pulled up the last of the garlic and yesterday cleaned and sorted it ready for storage.
The smaller bulbs went into a net bag and the others plaited ready for Xmas gifts.
It's been a bumper crop this year , kitchen, laundry and shed have garlic hanging every where and yes garlic's on the menu in some form most nights!!

My cherry harvest wasn't so successful as last years, I did get the net up in time but unfortunately a bird got in some how and had quite a party !!
  Considering the lack of rain over the last couple of months I'm pretty lucky to even get half a basket.

This lack of rain is a bit of a worry both our dams have dropped quite a bit, unfortunately I can't use this water for the garden as it may be needed for fire fighting later in the summer.
We do however have a bore so each week we are filling up a large tank on the trailer which we then park next to the veggie patch, it has a petrol pump and hose so I can water the patch twice a week.
Lots more mulch has been added to the beds and shade cloth covers made to place over some veggies during the hottest days of the week.    Beans seem to be loving  the heat , all seedlings growing well and reaching for the stars, keeping my fingers crossed no little bugs get them !!

Last of the weekly harvest has been herbs which are preforming really well with the extra care, we have been enjoying lots of basil, parsley, mint  and dill.

                                                           Happy Gardening!!


  1. What a haul of garlic AND cherries! Congrats!!! Neither of ours did very well last season...keeping my fingers crossed for better turn outs in 2013 :-)

    1. Yes it was quite a haul, didn't look so much in the ground but once i started pulling it up and putting into bunches best crop this year!

  2. Replies
    1. Soaked in a little brandy they should be Yum!

  3. Oh cherries! My favorite fruit. And the favorite of the birds too. I had a tree once upon a time and never got to taste any of the fruit because the birds always got them first. I'm happy to see that you got some for yourself.

    1. Yep its always a battle with the birds........

  4. Your garlic looks wonderful...I'm quite envious of all the garlic I've seen being harvested lately but I've heard Sydney is not a great place to grow it (not cold enough I think).

  5. Now that is garlic!!!! I'm loving to cherries at the moment - but mine are bought - how lovely to have grown them! Hopefully the rain forecast for the weekend materialises - I can't believe how much the parks around here have dried out already.

  6. You did well with all of that garlic, we usually have garlic in each of our meals too I can't get enough of it:) I hope that you get some rain soon it's been really hot and dry here, my veggie patch is looking rather sad partly because of lack of water (my fault) and because of the pests we've been getting both the insect and cat variety. My hubby put some netting up the other day and now the cat has gone to another patch mmmm very annoying. It's not easy this gardening but fun just the same. Wishing you a lovely week.


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