Monday, 24 December 2012

Salad Days

Last couple of days we have experienced high temperatures 34C & 39C so I was up early in the morning making sure all in the "Plot" was well watered and mulched including the salad greens, some of which I've made covers out of shade cloth to protect them from the harsh sun.
I have been inspired by both VP and her wonderful 52 week Salad Challenge and LIZ over at suburban tomato so much so that I'm well in front at this time of the year with assorted veggies well established and producing than I have ever been.

First up we continue to enjoy salad greens picked nearly every second day, red /green oak leaf , Cos, Rocket and Mizuna.
Plenty of herbs, Mint, Parsley, Dill and Basil some of which I keep handy on the window sill.
Easy to tear off a mint leaf and add to a cool refreshing drink or chopped and added to potato salad.
While checking the garden I came across my very first pepper ! and in December !!! I'm so excited !!

 Also in the Plot     Roma and Ru de marmande tomatoes             Butter nut pumpkin
                               Eggplants                                                         Cucumber
                               Beans, Red snake, dwarf((brown beauty),butter beans, borlotti,
                                Climbing (blue lake) Italian Romano.
                               Seedlings of lettuce , freckles and more red and green oak leaf.
                                Zucchini Romanesco     (which preformed very well early this year) 
                               Cabbage. (unknown variety) but growing very well.  

Things were looking a little different a few weeks ago, some leaves on the tomatoes a bit yellow and plants altogether just not looking the best.....
I did a little reading and decided to water in some sulphate of potash and the difference is amazing.
Does anyone else find it useful?

If you have time over the Xmas break head over to VP   and be inspired by others joining the 52 week salad challenge.  

                                           Happy Xmas to All. !!!                            


  1. Looks great - my garden seems to have survived the super hot days we've had on my balcony.

  2. Hi Miss P,my chillies and herbs in pots(on the veranda) are surviving too, easy to tip any extra water from the kitchen out the door and onto a pot!

  3. Happy New Year! The great thing about having you and Liz joining in the Salad Challenge is that it's so reassuring that eventually we'll emerge from our winter up here and have summer again :)

    I like the sound of a cool refreshing drink with some mint - cheers!


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