Monday, 29 April 2013

Harvest Monday

This weeks Harvest included three eggplant weighing in at 900gm

and sweet peppers at 300gm.
There are still 5 eggplants on two bushes and at least 25 peppers on 3 plants so if I'm lucky with the weather they may just hold on for another couple of weeks.

Now I have LIZ to thank for my wonderful eggplant/pepper/chilli harvests as if it wasn't for her inspiring posts on these veggies way back in 2011 I probably wouldn't have bothered trying to grow them. (there had been a few miserable attempts before)

They have been used in salads and curries, grilled on the BBQ, marinated,roasted, pickled and made into relish.

I have also gifted many to my new neighbors and in returned enjoyed their homebaked bread.

They will certainly be on my list again for next years summer crop!!

Joining in with Daphne's dandelions and many other gardener's from around the globe in Sharing What's been harvested/cooked/preserved from our gardens.


  1. Nice pic Andrea and nice harvest too.
    Love grilled eggplant......delish.
    Great to have home grown veg to preserve and fill the pantry with.

    Clarie :}

  2. Wow, I have eggplant envy. I only got 4 in total off of three plants. Terrible!

  3. Oh yay - thankyou for the link! They look great and I always find them fun to grow. Especially all those pepper varieties waiting to be tried.


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