Friday, 17 February 2012

Going Native.

Well i wasn't going to start my new garden until Autumn but early Febuary saw a week of cooler weather and i was just plain sick of looking at a pile of dry soil/rocks while having my morning cuppa.
The new Garden is quite a challenge as it covers such a large area which iv'e broken down into sections to make it easier to complete.

The Grand Plan is to have rockery of native plants (bird attracting) at rear and side of cottage (section 1)
On one side of the cottage , A small Olive grove, Veggie Garden  and Orchard which can be watered from a small dam.  ( sections 2,3,4)
At the front of the cottage a couple of trees for shade and interest but nothing to big to block out the beautiful views . (section 5)

So i began on section 1, digging over the soil breaking up clumps of clay and shale and watering in wetta soil granules. I had previously sprayed weeds so they were all dead and easy to dig in.

Of course the most enjoyable part is visiting the nursery which was Goldfields Revegetation situated about a 10minute drive out of Bendigo. All plants are grown from seeds or cuttings taken from indigenous plants in quite a large area of central Victoria, so you can obtain plants which are most suitable for your area. I brought my plants as tubes $1.95 each i find these adapt the quickest to conditions, develop a strong root system and usually all survive.

Scaevola "Mauve Clusters" looks a little lost here but in no time it sould be trailing over the rocks.



When doing some earthworks lots of rock was unearthed, such beautiful warm colors.

I have also planted the following:
Kangaroo Grass
Wallaby Grass
Dianella (Flax Lilies)

And of course Alfred likes to oversea my work and lay in the lucerne mulch.

Perfect spot for brecky and visiting pup also enjoy, this is Alfred's brother Jed and playmate, boy do they provide some laughs.

Hope you all have a great weekend in your garden or otherwise!!!


  1. That's going to look divine, I just love correas, and those native grass heads look so pretty in the sun, sounds like a great nursery.

    1. Hi Kirsty, it is quite a nursery with lots of healthy stock, we have brought lots of trees over a 4 year period(400)in tubes and nearly all have survived and now provide wonderful shade and habitat for the many birds in the area.

  2. That scaevola looks interesting, I love scaevolas, they grow really well for me even in shade making them hugely useful. I also have quite a few Eremohpila's and I really enjoy the ones with silver and grey foliage in particular (Nivea is my favourite). I'm sure your garden will look fabulous in no time at all.

    1. Hi Liz,so many different Eremohpila's its hard to choose, will have to look up Nivea.I just love their cheery colors and best of all once established you don't need to water them.


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