Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mondays Harvest

Yesterday was the day to remove all plants which had finished producing or were looking tired and worn out (bit like me after being on the end of a hoe all day but thats another story)  due to lack of rain and yes i admit a bit of attention too.

Last plants to remove today was the corn after harvesting the last of the cobs, all small but still plump and hopefully tasty for our tea tonight. Will also make a little relish which has become a bit of an obsession of mine lately!

                                                                     12 little cobs

Whilst weeding and digging over the soil i accidently chopped through the vine of my butternut pumkin,
normally i wouldn't harvest them for a couple more weeks so lets hope this little beauty has had enough sunshine.

Only pumkin plant that ended up producing fruit and as you can see there's 3 more on the plant  so i'm happy with that!

And the last of today's harvest are plenty of cherry tomatoes these will go in tomorrow nights dinner of Risotto made to Barb's delish recipe found here.

Be Inspired.......... check out what other keen gardener's are harvesting kindly hosted by Daphne's Dandelions you never know what you may discover...................

                                                             Happy Gardening!!!


  1. My pumpkins didn't produce this year, so I am very jealous of your butternut.

  2. My corns just didn't cut it this year. I was so disappointed. That butternut looks amazing!

  3. You corn are so uniform and well formed. Those cherry tomatoes sure are good looking.

  4. what a good looking harvest! we're in late winter and working on an early spring so squash are some months away

  5. beautiful cherry tomatoes...I can't wait for summers bounty!

  6. Oh those tomatoes look like heaven to me! It will be several months before there are any fresh tomatoes to eat around here!

  7. So Andrea, how did the risotto go? Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

  8. Thanks to all for dropping by, those cherry tomatoes sure were tasty and enjoying them while they last.
    Barb, the risotto turn out great and your hint to keep stirring ALL the time worked wonders and i have been asked by the other half to please make that dish once a week!!!


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