Thursday, 7 June 2012

Something New with Chard.

                        This week i harvested lots of Chard or Silverbeet.

I have plenty of young healthy plants coming along so I'm trying to find some new recipes for future harvests.

Probably hard to see but there are over 30 seedlings in this bed and i have already transplanted another 20 closer to the chook pen.

This following recipe i found in the March edition of Country Living.

Tian with spinach and potatoes.

A Tian is like the Spanish omelet or the Italian frittata.

A Couple of large potatoes, boiled in their skins.
Olive Oil
A bunch of Chard ( 4-5 medium sized leaves)  Stalks off.
Anchovy fillets
5-6 Eggs ( i only used 4)    
2-3 tablespoons of grated cheese ( i added cubes of feta cheese as well)

Cut the cooked potatoes into cubes and place into earthenware dish with 2 tb
of olive oil. Place in oven at 150C while you wash and and cook the chard very briefly in just the water that's clinging on it.   Drain.

Add the chard and 6 anchovy fillets torn into small pieces into a bowl with beaten eggs,add cheese and mix together then pour over potatoes .

Bake for 25-30 mins at 190C or fan forced oven 170C


 The Flavor of the Tain was much nicer the following day , served cold with a salad
of 7 types of lettuce.

  I'm already thinking of the different combinations of veggies you could use in the 

This would also be suitable for those who are gluten intolerable.

What would you add different?

I'm Sharing today's Recipe with Robin at
The Garden of Eden and 
Thursday's Kitchen Garden.

If you are interested in another recipe using Chard pop over to Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome
and admire her Pasta with Chard/chives and Goat cheese................                                                                                                              


  1. Boy that looks good! I didn't plant any chard this year. But, I bet it would be good made with kale. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Good idea Robin, i have some young Tuscan Kale leaves coming through, i tend to plants lots of Kale just because i love they way they stand tall in the garden covered in frost on winter mornings...............

  2. I love quiche made with chard and feta - this is pretty similar, althiough i've never added potatoes. i do make tortilla regularly though - but I've never thought to combine the two dishes. Looks great. Can you name all the lettuces?

    1. I love quiche too, now the lettuces.... Brown mignonette,
      red oak leaf, Golden Cos,Green oak leaf,Rossa Di Trento, Red Cos and Beth's Lettuce(my neighbors variety).
      Now i just need the freckled one! must hunt out some seeds!

  3. This is an interesting sounding recipe. I am going to keep this in mind, I think hubby might like this one :)

    1. Hi Tania, if you and hubby like lots of flavor i would probably add some cooked bacon pieces and your favorite herbs.

  4. I like the name of it, a Tain, and it looks delicious. I like silverbeet lightly fried in olive oil with lemon juice. They are like a weed in our garden, it is one of those vegies you can have too much of.

    1. I'm starting to think i do have to much Kirsty and will probably pot up lots of those extra seedlings and give them away. I like it lightly fried to but haven't tried it with lemon juice yet!

  5. This recipe sounds great. Thanks for sharing

  6. I have plenty of silverbeet growing in the garden at the moment and I'm always on the lookout for simple and healthy recipes. I'll be giving this one a try, thank you:)

  7. Okay, this is going on the menu for later in the week and I'll check out the other chard recipe too. It seems I'm doing adding chard to just about every meal we eat, so I'm definitely in need of some new recipes.


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